Laboratory Departure

If you work in a laboratory and are departing the University or transferring to another laboratory, please be sure all of your hazardous materials, including samples, solutions, etc., are properly disposed of or acknowledged and inventoried by your principle investigator prior to your departure. Contact EHSS for assistant with disposal of unwanted hazardous materials or for guidance in decommissioning your laboratory or workarea.

Following proper laboratory departure protocol accommodates new research, transfers accountability for hazardous materials, and most importantly, minimizes potential hazards to others.

Mercury Waste Round Up

Elemental mercury poses a unique hazard to human health and the environment. Mercury disposal and treatment methods can be costly. EHSS is encouraging labs to review their inventory of elemental mercury, mercury containing equipment or mercury thermometers and dispose of unneeded materials with EHSS during the month of December. Please contact EHSS’s Hazardous Waste group at 315.443.9132 or to schedule a pick up.

EHSS’ New Website

EHSS is excited to launch its new website!  Our main goal in redesigning this website was to provide the University community with easy to find, concise information on the safety and compliance programs managed by EHSS.  A new feature on the website is our Request for Service Form which provides a simple way to request services or seek guidance and assistance from EHSS staff.  Similarly, EHSS’ Training webpage offers a single Training Registration Form to register for any of the safety and compliance trainings offered by EHSS.  Thank you for checking out our new website and we welcome your feedback!