Rodent Hazards

Rodents are associated with the spread of human disease and may present a potential hazard for employees, students and visitors.

Mice and rats are responsible for the direct or indirect spread of human disease. Please avoid direct contact with all rodents alive or dead, and associated urine or feces. If a rodent is present in your work area(s) please notify your supervisor immediately. Do not purchase or use pesticides in your work area. Only New York State Certified Pesticide Applicators are approved to apply pesticides for the control of rodents at Syracuse University. Several local rodent control companies are approved to apply pesticides at SU. Physical Plant or Housing should be contacted to repair damage caused by rodents and maintain the facility in a condition to prevent rodent intrusion. Physical Plant and Housing Personnel must use thick rubber or a shovel to place dead rodents in doubled plastic bags. Double bagged carcasses must be placed in an outdoor garbage dumpster.