Institutional Biosafety Commitee

Syracuse University’s Vice President of Research has established the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) to help ensure all research and teaching activities at Syracuse University involving biological materials are conducted in compliance with Federal, State and Local mandates, and University policy. The IBC is in place to minimize the risks related to the possession and use of biohazardous materials (including, human and regulated plant and animal pathogens, infectious material, select agents, and human samples). The IBC has the authority to review and approve practices and procedures regarding research and other activities involving biohazardous material, and take appropriate actions to ensure activities are conducted in compliance with applicable regulations and the University’s biological safety program.

IBC Charge [PDF]

IBC Public Request Policy [PDF]

IBC Application and Forms

What requires Institutional Biosafety Committee Review?
Full Committee Review (IBC “Vote to Approve”) Designated Member Review (Biosafety Officer Review)
•      NIH “Covered” rDNA (BSL2 host-vectors) •      NIH “Exempt” rDNA (BSL-1 host-vectors)
•      Human pathogens •      Human samples (e.g. blood, urine, etc.)
•      Human samples known to be contaminated •      Biological toxins
•      Regulated animal and plant pathogens •      Mammalian cell lines (including human)
•      Select Agents and Select Agent Toxins

What is in involved in the application process and how long does it take?

If you are conducting research listed above, complete an application and provide lab specific operating procedures. A complete Institutional Biosafety Committee Protocol Application will require the following information.

Describe the experiment/research Perform a risk assessment Describe the hazards
Describe how the hazards are mitigated Provide facility info (equipment, security, biosafety cabinet, etc.) Describe how lab personnel will be properly trained.

IBC review and approval of proposed protocols requires approximately six weeks. Please contact Tim Coughlin (315.443.2447) for more information.