Radiation Safety

Syracuse University is authorized by NYS Department of Health to acquire, possess, and use radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment for education and research. Syracuse University’s Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) authorizes and oversees all possession and use of radiation at Syracuse University in accordance with NYS regulations and University Radiation Safety Program policies and procedures.

EHSS administers the University’s Radiation Safety Program. The program provides guidance and best management practices for the safe and secure use of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment with the goal of keeping exposures to ionizing radiation as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). EHSS provides training, performs inspections, offers compliance guidance, and manages radiation source procurement and disposal in accordance with NYS and federal radiation regulations and the University’s NYS Department of Health issued Broad Scope Radioactive Materials License.   EHSS also oversees the management and disposal of radioactive waste generated at the University.

All radiation use laboratories and operations must be approved by the RSC and all individuals using ionizing radiation must be authorized and trained by EHSS.