Radiation Safety Training

Syracuse University, in accordance with NYS Department of Health regulations, requires that anyone who wishes to use radioactive materials or radiation producing (X-ray) equipment  have a thorough understanding of the regulations and hazards associated with the use of ionizing radiation. This is accomplished through a two-stage initial radiation worker training program:

  • Stage One: Stage one of the training  includes two separate training requirements that both must be completed: an online radiation awareness training module and an in person classroom training session provided by Environmental Health and Safety Services. These training’s provide instruction on the basic principles of radiation safety, steps to minimize exposures in radiation use area, emergency response actions, and applicable policies, procedures and regulatory requirements. Separate training are offered for x-ray equipment and radioactive material use. Stage one of the training must be completed prior to commencing work or receiving occupational exposure to ionizing radiation.
  • Stage Two: Stage two of the training is specific to the radiation equipment or radioactive materials to be used. Stage two training is completed in the laboratory by the principal investigator, radiation laboratory supervisor or another designated authorized radiation user. Open source radioactive materials users must complete 40 hours of in laboratory supervised radiation training. Sealed source users and radiation equipment (X-ray) users must complete sufficient in laboratory training to ensure knowledge of the sources or equipment to be used and associated procedures to be performed.

Please complete the radiation user registration form to register for initial radiation safety training. EHSS will contact registrants to advise when the next initial radiation safety training class will be offered. To request accommodations for in-person or online radiation safety training, please contact EHSS at 315.443.4132 or email ehss@syr.edu.

In addition to this initial radiation safety training, all radiation users must complete an annual radiation safety refresher training. The refresher training is offered online and accessed on the laboratory safety training website.