On Thursday, August 8, Environmental Health and Safety Services conducted a hands-on chemical spill drill where EHSS staff responded to two mock laboratory chemical spill scenarios.  During the drill, EHSS staff worked through the entire process of responding to a chemical spill, from receiving initial notification to assessing the hazards, donning appropriate protective equipment, and physically performing the mock spill cleanup.

Our staff divided into two teams and participated in two separate spill scenario drills.  Both drills involved a spill of a chemical(s) in a science building – one in a research laboratory and one in a stairwell.  EHSS staff did a great job working through the spill scenarios from initial notification, to response planning, PPE selection, and clean up of the mock spills (simulated with ketchup and shaving cream).  After the drills, the staff regrouped and discussed their responses and lessons learned to help us continually improve.

The drill was well received by all staff and helped us to identify a few improvements!