Chemical Ordering

To support the University’s laboratory chemical inventory management initiative, a new chemical/supply order went into effect on July 1, 2021.

The new order form will help facilitate inventory, receiving, and delivery of hazardous chemicals purchased for research purposes. The new order form can be used to order hazardous chemicals, non-hazardous chemicals, biologicals and other lab supplies.

It is the responsibility of the individual placing an order to identify and specify if the order contains a hazardous chemical(s). Any item(s) identified as a hazardous chemical must be ordered using a separate order form. Hazardous chemicals may not be combined with any other supplies (equipment, non-hazardous chemicals, biologicals, lab supplies, etc.).

The process for ordering gas cylinders/cryogens through AirGas will not be impacted by this process. Please continue to order and receive gas cylinders/cryogens as normal.

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