Hazardous Materials Shipping

The U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT) requires individuals be trained and certified before shipping hazardous materials (biological, chemical, dry ice, radioactive, etc.) Trained and certified EHSS staff are available to assist researchers meet compliance obligations when shipping hazardous research sample(s) or material(s).

If you need shipping assistance, please complete an Intent to Ship Form. A staff member from EHSS will contact you to advise on the next steps for preparing the shipment. Hazardous materials shipments will be shipped from 032 Lyman Hall Monday through Thursday. Package drop-off must be coordinated with EHSS at least 24 hours in advance and arrive by 11 am the day of shipment.

Shipping rates can be determined by contacting the courier and providing your account number, package dimensions, package weight, and destination information.

Material Transfer Agreements:

The PI must ensure that a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) between Syracuse University and the recipient of the package has been put in place. Contact the Office of Technology Transfer at 315.443.5196 for assistance with MTA’s.

Export Controls:

The PI must ensure shipments outside the United States comply with US export control regulations. Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at 315.443.2807 for more information on export control requirements.



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