BioRAFT Chemical Management Platform

Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHSS) is pleased to announce the University has procured a new chemical inventory software platform,  which will enable the inventorying and tracking of chemicals in University laboratories. The BioRAFT Chemical Management Platform is now available and can be accessed by logging in with your Syracuse University NetID and Password. This software platform also provides easily accessible online access to chemical hazard information and safety data sheets (SDS).

Quick Links:

BioRAFT Assigning Sublocations: Instructions on how to assign sublocations to chemicals in BioRAFT

BioRAFT How to Use ChemTracker: Instructions on how to access and manage the chemical inventory in BioRAFT

BioRAFT General Setup Wizard Instructions: Instructions for Principal Investigators to provide general lab information such as contact information, lab spaces, lab members, and hazard information in BioRAFT

BioRAFT Optional Access: Instructions on modifying permissions for lab personnel in BioRAFT and ChemTracker

BioRAFT How to Sponsor an Account: Instructions on how to sponsor an account for BioRAFT access