Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHSS) offers a variety of training programs to increase awareness regarding potential workplace hazards, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and promote an overall culture of safety at the University.

This webpage is dedicated to EHSS administered training and does not represent trainings provided by other departments (e.g. Fire & Life Safety, Human Resources, etc.).

Chemical Hazard Communication Training: All University employees must complete EHSS’ Chemical Hazard Communication training. This training provides employees with information about hazardous chemicals and how they can actively and effectively protect themselves from chemical hazards in their work areas.¬† If an employee is unsure if they have completed this training, they may contact EHSS at

Other EHSS administered environmental, health and safety training may be required based on the department and employee job category.  Available EHSS online trainings for some of the more common departments are found below.

To request or register for a specific¬† health and safety training, please complete EHSS’s training request and registration form.

To request accommodations for any training offered by EHSS, please contact EHSS at 315.443.4132 or