Radioactive Waste

All radioactive wastes generated in University laboratories must be properly packaged and labeled (isotope, activity, date, generator), and stored within a “controlled” radiation area.  Disposal of radioactive waste down a drain or in a regular trash receptacle is strictly prohibited.   Generated radioactive waste must be segregated by isotope and physical form and all radioactive labeling must be obliterated prior to placing the waste into a radioactive waste container.

EHSS will assist generators of radioactive waste in the proper management of radioactive waste and will provide radioactive waste containers and shielding as necessary.  EHSS staff will pick up the generated radioactive waste from the laboratories and transfer the waste to the University’s radioactive waste storage facility for proper disposal.   Generators may request a radioactive waste pick up by submitting an EHSS Request for Service form or by contacting EHSS at 315.443.4132.