Indoor Air Quality

The term Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air in an indoor environment such as an office or other occupied work space.  Syracuse University strives in a proactive way to provide a safe, comfortable and productive indoor work environment. Expressed indoor air quality concerns shall be appropriately investigated by the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Services Office (EHSS) and/or other applicable University office with purview over the concerns being raised.

The term “acceptable IAQ” describes an environment in which most occupants express no dissatisfaction and there is no exposure to the occupants of air contaminants at concentrations that represent a health risk. Lack of perceived odors, sensory irritation, and temperature variations by a majority of occupants does not necessarily mean that there do not exist conditions which warrant an investigation to assure acceptable IAQ.  However, it is further recognized that meeting the standards for acceptable IAQ will not ensure satisfaction for each individual building occupant.


Indoor Air Quality Reporting Form