Asbestos Contractor Approval

All third party contractors or companies who will be performing asbestos related activities at the University must receive prior approval from the  University’s Physical Plant Environmental Shop Supervisor. This includes contractors performing asbestos air monitoring, abatement, sampling, project monitoring and/or project design. Asbestos contractor approvals will be granted for a specific project and/or a specific time period. Re-approval will be required for subsequent projects or upon expiration of the approval’s specified time period. An asbestos contractor’s approval may be revoked at any time if non-compliant work practices are observed or suspected.  The University has the right to qualify or disqualify any asbestos contractor or sub-contractor at its sole discretion.

To initiate the asbestos contractor approval process, complete the Asbestos Contractor Qualification Form and submit the completed form to the Syracuse University Physical Plant Environmental Shop at 285 Ainsley Drive, Syracuse, NY 13244 or email to


Asbestos Contractor Qualification Form