Silica – Task Specific Exposure Control Plan Training Modules

Employee training modules for controlling silica exposures in the workplace are provided below.  Each module consists of an OSHA video and a interactive training presentation.

For each module, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Click on the “OSHA Video” link and watch the YouTube video.  When the video is done, close out the window and return to this webpage

Step 2 – Click on the “Training Presentation” link and watch the interactive presentation making sure you fill out and submit the last slide to receive credit.

Step 3 – If you would like a printout of the Exposure Control Plan, click on the the link and print.  If not, move to the next training module.

To request other training and/or training accommodations, please contact EHSS at 315-443-4132 or

Module #1 – Handheld Power Saw (any blade diameter)

Module #2 – Stationary Masonry Saws

Module #3 – Handheld Power Saws for Cutting Fiber-Cement Board (outdoors only)

Module #4 – Rig Mounted Core Saw or Drill

Module #5 – Handheld & Stand-mounted Drills (including impact and rotary drills)

Module #6 – Jackhammers or Handheld Powered Chipping Tools – Wet Method

Module #7 – Jackhammers and Handheld Powered Chipping Tools – Dust Collection Method

Module #8 – Handheld Grinders for Mortar Removal

Module #9 – Handheld Grinder for Tasks Other Than Mortar Removal – Wet Methods
Outdoors Only

Module #10 – Handheld Grinder for Tasks Other Than Mortar Removal –
Vacuum Collection System – Indoors Only

Module #11 – Walk-Behind Saws