Silica Safety Training

Employees engaged in construction activities that generate respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and their supervisors must complete the following trainings:

Silica Awareness Training:   

In person Silica Awareness training offered by EHSS covers health hazards associated with exposure to RCS, common construction tasks that could generate RCS, use of Task Specific Exposure Control Plans, and information on employee medical surveillance as required by OSHA’s regulatory standard.

Contact EHSS at 315-443-4132 or to request this training.

Task Specific Exposure Control Training: 

Task specific training must be completed for each type of RCS generating construction task an employee will perform. EHSS offers online Task Specific Exposure Control Plan training modules for RCS generating construction tasks commonly performed at the University. These training modules provide a review of the RCS exposure control plan for the specific task including the use of engineering and work practice controls, proper housekeeping practices and personal protective equipment.