Generator Use Requirements

Electrical power generators owned or operated at Syracuse University are subject to state and federal air emission control regulations.  EHSS must be notified prior to the procurement or operation of any electrical power generators on campus including generators operated temporarily or by outside contractors.

Each generator must be classified as either an Emergency or a Non-Emergency Generator and be listed accordingly on the University’s air emission inventory and Title V Air Permit, as applicable.  The use classification of a generator may not be changed unless approval to do so is obtained from the EHSS and all necessary Title V Air Permit implications and requirements are addressed.

Guidance, use limitations and requirements for Emergency and Non-Emergency use generators are provided in the University’s Generator Use and Procurement Guidance Document.

A Portable Generator Use Request must be completed and submitted to EHSS at least 14 days prior to the operation of any portable generator on University property, including generators operated by outside contractors.