Laboratory Door Sign

Laboratory door signs are created by providing laboratory hazard information using an online Door Sign Information Form. Please indicate the hazards present in your laboratory and designate up to ten (10) that you consider to be the primary hazards. A primary hazard is any unique and/or high risk material or equipment that uninitiated personnel such as visitors, first-responders, Facilities, etc. should be aware of before entering the laboratory. Only the primary hazards are displayed on door signs. Please review the list of laboratory Door Sign Hazard Pictograms and their associated definitions.

A door sign must be posted at the hallway entrance to each laboratory room. If your laboratory occupies multiple rooms, consider each room from a hazard perspective. If individual rooms contain different primary hazards, please complete a separate information form for each room.

A proof of your door sign(s) will be emailed to you for final review before it is printed and posted.

Example Door Sign