Seasonal Bat Activity

BatDuring the late summer and early fall months there is a seasonal increase in bat activity in and around Central New York. Because a small percentage of bats may carry the rabies virus, it is important to avoid any physical contact with a bat.

If you suspect any contact with a bat while on University premises, or if there is a bat in your campus work area or room, please call Public Safety @ 315.443.2224 and also report it to area supervisory personnel. Trained University personnel will take appropriate action to capture or remove/relocate the bat.

Individuals who have had any contact with a bat or potential unknowing contact (e.g., bat found in the room with a sleeping person or child, etc.) should contact Health Services at 315.443.9005 as soon as possible for an exposure assessment.  Syracuse University Health Services is located at 111 Waverly Ave.

For additional information please see our webpage on Bats and Wild Animals.