Wastewater Management

All wastewater discharges from the University must done in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations.  Local sewer discharge regulations establish requirements and restrictions for wastewater discharges to the public sewer system, which includes limits for specific pollutants.  State SPDES regulations set restrictions for discharges into the ground or surface waters.

Certain discharges may require prior approval and/or a permit from the local sewer authority.  These types of discharges include the following: atypical large volume discharges, potentially contaminated wastewater discharges, groundwater discharges, and discharges from industrial facilities.

EHSS must be notified of any planned discharges that may require approval from the local sewer authority or New York State.  EHSS facilitates the review/approval process for University discharges which may require pre-approval or a permit and will oversee compliance with necessary permit requirements upon issuance.

Any additions or modifications (e.g., new discharge points) to the University’s wastewater discharge system must be documented, reviewed and approved by the University’s Office of Campus Planning, Design, and Construction prior to installation.