Chemical Inventories and Exemptions

Under OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, the University must identify and maintain a list of the hazardous chemicals that are used, handled, or stored by University employees. The senior member of a department or department work area (Senior Occupant) is required to maintain an inventory of the hazardous chemicals used, handled, or stored in their work area(s) and provide current chemical inventory information to Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHSS). EHSS complies and maintains the overall list of  list of hazardous chemicals for the University based on the chemical inventory information provided by the Senior Occupants.

Many consumer products containing chemicals that area commonly used in office environments are exempt from the chemical inventory requirement and do not need to be included on a work area’s chemical inventory list. EHSS’ Consumer Product Exemption Guidance provides more details on this exemption.

Senior Occupants may register a new work area chemical inventory or update an existing chemical inventory online using the following links:

  • Update an existing chemical inventory.
  • Register a new chemical inventory using an assigned Inventory Control Number.  If you don’t have an Inventory Control Number assigned, please email