Chemical Hazard Communication Training

Effectively communicating hazards present in the workplace is essential to providing and promoting workplace safety. In accordance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, Syracuse University has established a chemical hazard communication training program to provide employees with information on the hazardous chemicals they may be exposed in their work areas and how to actively and effectively protect themselves from these hazards.

Chemical Hazard Communication Training at Syracuse University is offered online and must be completed by all new Syracuse University employees, regardless of their job classification or duties. This training provides a general overview of chemical hazards, Safety Data Sheets, chemical labeling, exposure minimization, and emergency response procedures.  In-person training and/or training accommodations can be requested by contacting Environmental Health and Safety Services at 315.443.4132 or

Workplace Specific Chemical Hazard Communication Training must also be provided to employees who are required to a handle hazardous chemical(s) in the workplace or whose job duties present a reasonable potential for chemical exposure under normal operations and foreseeable emergencies.  The employee’s supervisor and/or department will be responsible for providing the Workplace Specific Chemical Hazard Communication Training. The Workplace Specific Chemical Hazard Communication Training website provides information to assist supervisors and departments in providing this training.