Radiation Safety Training

Syracuse University, in accordance with NYS Department of Health regulations, requires anyone using radioactive materials or radiation producing (X-ray) equipment to have a thorough understanding of the regulations and hazards associated with the use of ionizing radiation. This is accomplished through EHSS’ radiation user training program which includes the following training requirements: 

  1. Submit a radiation user registration form.  EHSS will contact you to schedule an in person training class.
  2. Complete the online radiation awareness training module
  3. Attend an EHSS’ in person radiation safety training class specific for the type of radiation to be used (i.e. x-ray equipment, sealed sources, etc.)
  4. After completing the first three steps, complete “In-Lab” radiation safety training with lab’s PI or another designated authorized radiation user.
    1. Open source radioactive materials users must complete 40 hours of “In-Lab” supervised radiation training.
    2. Sealed source users and radiation equipment (X-ray) users must complete sufficient “In-Lab” training to ensure knowledge of the sources or equipment to be used and associated procedures to be performed
  5. Annually, radiation users are required to complete EHSS’ online radiation refresher training.

To request accommodations for in-person or online radiation safety training, please contact EHSS at 315.443.4132 or email ehss@syr.edu.