Section 7: DEA Scheduled Drug Policy

Policy Statement

Some University Academic Departments continue to utilize DEA Scheduled Drugs as part of their research. There are laws in the State of New York which strictly govern the use, storage and disposal of these materials. It is the responsibility of the Departments which utilize DEA Scheduled Drugs to ensure that they are in compliance with New York State laws regarding licensing, safeguarding, and inventory. EHSS will continue to review applicable state and federal scheduled drug laws.

New York State has clearly defined the usage of these materials in Chapter II, Subchapter K, Part 80 and in Chapter 878, Article 33: Controlled Substances, of the New York State Health Laws. In New York State these laws are enforced by the Department of Health, Bureau of Controlled Substances.

Surrender and Disposal of Controlled Substances

Disposal of controlled substances must be performed in accordance with New York State Department of Health protocol. Controlled substances may not be disposed of in the trash, RMW containers or SAA. Controlled substances that are expired or no longer needed, must be removed by EHSS for proper disposal.

EHSS will make the proper notifications and file and maintain the appropriate paperwork related to the disposal of Controlled Substances. Copies of this paper work will be furnished to approved individuals upon request.

Please notify EHSS (x-4132) if a controlled substance removal is required.

At the time of collection, the PI must provide EHSS with the following information:

  • Name, address and phone number of department license holder
  • NYS license number
  • DEA registration number
  • Trade or generic name of each drug
  • Strength as a percent of each drug
  • Quantity of each drug
  • Reason of the surrender
  • Source of the drug(s)

Due to federal and state regulations, EHSS’s main hazardous waste storage/accumulation facility located at the Center for Science and Technology may only temporarily store controlled substances on behalf of a license holder. controlled substances may remain at the main hazardous waste storage/accumulation facility for up to 30 days until NYSDOH approval is granted for disposal. The license holder bears all responsibility for the controlled substance until the ultimate destruction of the controlled substance has taken place.

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