Section 9: Office Waste

Toner Cartridges

Some manufacturers have programs for returning spent toner cartridges so they can be recycled. Office personnel should follow the packing and shipping instructions for toner recycle programs offered by vendors. The instructions should be included with the cartridge when purchased.

If no recycling program is provided by the manufacturer,

Materials Distribution has implemented a recycling program for all toner cartridges. Call Materials Distribution (x-3172) for pickup of spent laser printer toner cartridges and container ordering information.

Other Office Waste

An office may occasionally generate hazardous waste in the form of cleaning items or specialty products.  If waste materials contain hazardous products such as solvents, flammables, toxics, paints, aerosol cans, corrosives, etc., they must not be placed in the regular trash.  The generator must make a waste determination on the waste material. Please call EHSS (x-4132) if assistance is needed in making the waste determination or if instruction is needed on proper storage and removal.  Hazardous wastes will be removed by EHSS for disposal.

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