“Sharps” Waste

Sharps waste is a category of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) and includes discarded hypodermic, intravenous, or other medical needles; hypodermic or intravenous syringes; Pasteur pipettes; and scalpel blades.  Syringes which can be easily and safely removed from the needle do not need to disposed of as sharps waste, unless the syringe was in contact with an infectious substance.

Sharps waste also includes used and unused blood vials, and  broken or unbroken glass which has come in contact with infectious substances including slides and cover slips.  Broken glassware which was not in contact with an infectious substance may be placed into a puncture proof container and disposed in the regular trash.

Managing Sharps Waste: 

  • Purchase and maintain appropriate sharps containers for collection of waste sharps prior to using sharps.
  • Only dispose of “sharps waste” as defined above in a sharps waste container.
  • Once the sharps container contents reach the full line or the container is 3/4 full, request a waste pick up by contacting EHSS’ Hazardous Waste group at at 315.443.6545 or submitting a Request for Service form.